Woman hospitalized after swallowing her husband’s condom

A woman from Nevada, age 37, was hospitalized yesterday after ask for an ambulance due to an accident which almost cost her life. The curious thing is that she had swallowed a condom while she was giving her husband oral sex.

What started out as a night of passion nearly ended in tragedy. It was all a lack of coordination between the couple, according to her, “It was my husband’s fault, I don’t usually do oral sex, it is that now I dare and I nearly choked because he didn’t warn that he was using condom, he won’t catch me on that one again”.

Man was ashamed and he took the blame for all and he also thanked God because nothing else happened “Every time we do it, even though it isn’t often, we let take one thing at a time, when we’re about to start, I wear the condom. But yesterday I went ahead and I put it on without her being noticed”. Luckily the condom got stuck on her throat leaving a little orifice to breathe with difficulty, which it gave enough time to save her.

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