Goes to the hospital because he stuck a cork into his butt to stopping a diarrhea

Early on Sunday in Denver, Colorado, Nathaniel, 42, appears in the emergency department and he looked like so weird, a little drunk and as well as in shame. When asked about the reason for his visit, he muttered and looking at the ground expressed “I am constipated, I have a plug in the ass”. After we have had laugh, he was rushed to the E.R, doctors explained.

“We have invited some friends for dinner at home. We were having beer, wine and rum, but I was sick to my stomach and finally that gave me diarrhea. There was much laughter and joking, meanwhile I had opened a bottle of wine and then I stuck the cork in my ass because I had no other option. The cork was tightened so here we are”.

Despite the clever man was released after receiving treatment, it took some hours to cleaning up the mess that came out of his ass”.

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