She requested to Hospital some emergency contraceptive pills because she had sex many times that night

A 19-year-old woman came to Dignity Health Arizona General Hospital last night requesting five emergency contraceptive pills.

The attendants at the hospital informed her that they could not give her as many pills as she requested. When they asked her why she wanted so many pills, she answered that she had had a stimulate night. Seemingly, she had been participated in an orgy, where she has maintained sexual relations with at least five guys. “We start by making silly things, but things got out of hand. Finally we ended all against all, of course, we didn’t use protection”, she indicated.

Finally doctors indicated to young lady that with just one pills was more than enough for her. So they encouraged her to take care of herself and she use protection, so they gave her a box condoms so that she won’t happen the same thing again.

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