Dog travels more than 100 km to bite its owner after being abandoned

A neighbor of New Mexico, Santiago Martinez, went to Albuquerque to spend his holidays like every year. However, this year he decided unfortunately to abandon its cherished dog Golden Retriever, because he explains to some friends «I am sick of the dog because I cannot go to anywhere without having to lug it. At the first gas station, I send him to the hell.»

What he never imagined was that nine days later after many regrets his dog was going to appear right there on the beach, sniffing in each corner in search of its owner. At that moment, Santiago was immersed in a terrible sensation of guilty and he was runnig to embrace his dog and to reward its loyalty. However, according to witnesses the dog came gasped and it had an expression like: «you’ll be a son of a bitch, you left me in that way», when the dog was in his arms, it didn’t hesitate and it bit him hard. Then Santiago sudden cried out that they say came to be heard in the Grand Canyon National Park.

The dog turned around and went back home making hitchhiking looked like a abandoned dog, so it was adopted by a wonderful family who didn’t really know what was going on, while Santiago was getting cured of his wounds at the aid station.

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