A brothel from Minnesota mistakenly received a Michelin star

Due to an alleged a misplaced file, a brothel from Minnesota has been notified after has received a Michelin star, to surprised of the manager.

This club of Minnesota called «Sensations» is located near Saint Pauland it has been providing its services for over many years, «we has over 80 years old but we have never highlighted, we have been characterized by our discretion, i believe this wrong award will bring us more fame of what we are looking for.» According to a critic of the Michelin Guide, he confused some of his papers in the conversion of data to the responsible central organization in charge for delivering the awarding.

«I recognize my mistake, I used to taking notes about every local that i visit, in this cases also this ladies club, I found it funny to make a criticism But when i gave my information i made a mistake”. The sources have affirmed that appeared on his notes comments like “they have prepared me the best food of my life” or “I almost did not get to the dessert with so many starters” and for this reason no one realized the mistake until they received the Prix.

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