A strip club raffle a Christmas basket and the priest is winner

There has been a great stir in a small village of Oklahoma when the news was released. This happened at a well-known club located on the outskirts of the town. After the common draw of the Xmas Basket as it has done upon for many years, what has been the surprise, when the winner of it, was the parish priest.

Nicolas Costello, the main character of this news has declared in his defense, that he admits having visited this place a couple of weeks ago, noting that he was there in morning schedule by request of «the Madame», who after give birth, she was interested about the possibility of baptism her newborn baby, thinking that her presence in the Church would have caused a great stupor between the faithful, as she was well known for her old office.

To show his gratitude, this lady gave Father the opportunity to take part in the draw. The parish priest or Nicolas as is normally known by the neighbors has delivered the Xmas Basket to charity.

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