He wake up from coma after 3 years, when his wife gave him a SUCC

A man has awakened from his coma after three years thanks to his wife’s unconditional love. After spending day and night next to her husband, seeing that he did not evolve, she had a unusual idea to try to wake him up, and it worked perfectly: «It took me a long time to realize what he liked the most, I am stupid. But he has come back to life and in the best possible way. «

Gerardo, a 32-year-old spanish, suffered a car accident three years ago that left him prostrate in the hospital bed. An induced coma caused by a traumatic brain injury when hitting a tree. But his wife, although late, had the antidote.

«She told us that she had an idea and she asked us to talk to him alone. We thought his gesture was beautiful and we left her do it. In just 3 minutes he had already gotten our patient to wake up, and in 5 he was already singing. It was a miracle».

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