He left his greyhound with his grandma during holidays and it gained 70 more pounds

Everybody knows that grandmothers, maternal or paternal, are usually known for overfeeding their grandchildren, always worried about if they eat enough or not.

But, the case happened in a town of Albacete, Spain, has exceeded all limits about this behaviour. This grandmother didn’t overfeed her grandson but … the dog of her grandson. It seems that, after asking his grandmother of taking care of his greyhound for 20 days, because he had a trip to the Asian continent, on his return he found that the greyhound weighed 70 more punds. «But grandma, what have you done?, it was my greyhound, the dog I use to hunt, the hares are going to laught about him if it looks like Garfield.»

His grandmother insisted about the dog was very thin, and she had cooked for him every day. «You could see his ribs of the dogs, didn’t you feel pain when you see him like that?».

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