Receive five stitches in his anus after farting

Samuel R. a resident from Omaha, Nebraska, he suffered this last weekend a very strange accident but also shameful and painful. Our main character was in a barbeque with some friends when he had felt an unstoppable desire to fart. He was break away of the group; he set out to release what was bothering him, when he noticed that something wasn’t quite right, by the terrible pain which it was caused this daily act.

The pain was so intense, so he asked to his friends between tears to take him to the hospital immediately. Once there, the doctors observed an anal fissure of several centimeters in length, so they proceeded to apply 5 stitches.

“Samuel has always been a donkey. I remember once, he began a fight in a well-known bar so we had to leave the bar because of him”, explain one of those present in the barbecue. «To make an idea, the other day we heard clearly the flatulence even though we were playing the guitar, the box, the palms and we were singing and he had gone behind a pine tree,» describe another.

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