A woman hospitalized after 37 consecutive orgasms for one hour

A young woman of about 24 years old, who live in the Escalante town of Utah, has been hospitalized in emergency this morning after having enjoyed with 37 orgasms in a short interval of 1 hour as her couple explained.

Apparently, this woman has a military profession and she spent the last four months on a mission abroad and she had returned to Utah to enjoy Christmas or New Year with the family. “As soon as she got home she called me and came to see me. When we saw us, we just could not help it and we were hooked” her couple said still shocked by the situation. “When she came to her 23 orgasms, I wanted to stop, I was tired, but she insisted. After a while, whit yet 37 orgasms, I noticed that something was not right and decided to call the ambulance.»

When the young woman was brought to the clinic, she had her gaze lost and she was still whit spasms. Doctors believe that it is the “Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome)” that is nothing more than an orgasm longer than normal but she will be dispatched in the next few hours and she may return home without major consequences.

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