The «Strip-bus» will tour the villages that don’t have a strip club

A dating club in the city of Valinera (Spain) has started this project after obtaining the appropriate permits to drive around the all country.

«I had the idea many years ago, because you allways have to innovate on this business. The bus has 8 beds with showers and 12 girls will travel through all the towns of Spain where there are no strip club and need this service», commented the owner. It seems that through social networks, «Strip-bus» will announce the route and the days it will stop in each place. The price for each service will be 50 euros including a beer, a condom and a shower.

«They always ask me: if there are 8 beds, why do twelve women go on the bus? The answer is clear, those with the period take turns driving, I’ve thinked in every detail», said the owner, a woman of Valinera.

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