Nuns cook magic shrooms in a convent by mistake, and end up in an orgy

The nonsense happens in Albacete, Spain, in the Negrillas’ convent. Magic mushrooms were used by mistake by the nuns for the lunch.

The Holy Church has been tried to hide the event but they cannot do it. A cleaning lady told everybody the story. «I did not want to tell anything, but I maked a mistake, I told to my husband and he told the whole neighborhood, the whole country I think. I apologize to the nuns, to God, and to everybody. I am very sorry.»

Apparently this week the nuns had bought the fruit and vegetables from a new supplier and they had a serious problem with the mushrooms. «The truth is the mushrooms had an odd shape, but I cooked as always, although I could not imagine what would happen next. We were naked and doing terrible things that I cannot explain now. Oh, my lord, what a shame!», said one nun.

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