Tunnel painted on wall causes more than 15 traffic accidents in a week

The Municipality of New Mexico commissioned to several institutions in the city creating wall murals to embellish the unpainted walls.

In all it was 5 organizations were responsible to embellish 24 walls in different parts of the city. The organizers came up with painted in one of the walls a typical cartoon image in which can be seen the roadrunner in front a false tunnel. That mural has had to be repainted, because when being on the exit of a roundabout has caused 16 traffic accidents in less than a week that it was painted. Apparently the mural has been painted in a realistic way that making drivers believed that really they are in front a tunnel.

Luckily there had been no serious traffic accidents but The Municipality of New Mexico will have to take charge of repair of damaged cars because drivers found them guilty of paint a fake tunnel.

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