A type of jellyfish becomes very popular, because it’s sting creates orgasms

The renowned Bill Brags beach in Key Biscayne – Miami has been the talk of the town the last few days due to a blight rare jellyfish that it has been arriving at the beach. These jellyfish, (Cyanea Gustirrinina) have their natural habitat in the Pacific Ocean, near Australia, and it has never before been seen in Miami.

The feature which differentiates Cyanea Gustirrinina from other jellyfish is that its sting attacks the nervous system and simulated what it might be an orgasm. This caused that the Bill Brags beach has attracted very large inflow of visitors despite the recommendations of Coast Guard that they should not swim a shower due to presence of jellyfish. “I can’t help to go into water and catch a huge jellyfish, I know it’s not good but I just like so much and I can’t stop doing it”, commented one of those present before get in on the water.

Tourists have even come to catch jellyfish and get it to their private swimming pools with the intention to be raised there. So this is how authorities fear not being able to control propagation around Miami Beach. The same way as the Cyanea Gustirrinin would endanger the lives of other endemic jellyfish species.

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