Positive for checkpoint after swallowed her drunken boyfriend’s cum

The event took place late last night in the middle of a DUI checkpoint. A young lady tested positive but she alleged and subsequently confirmed that she hadn’t drunk. The false positive was due to she had swallowed her drunken boyfriend’s cum.

The young lady, 27-year-old had to go to pick up her fiancé, because he was in a very bad state after his company dinner “He called me at 4 in the morning, he really had me worried. He asked me to please if I could pick him up, that he was alone and he could not drive”.

When she got there, she found him crying “He told me a crazy story and he finally persuaded me to do him oral sex and I couldn’t say no, I just wanted to amp it up a little”. On the way home, they got stopped in a checkpoint and she blew, but to her surprise tested positive and they got forced to stay there. After several explanations they were taken to the police station, where the young lady confirmed her version and they were released without charge.

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