He smoked 3 blunts and got a 10 in math

A young man from Montana gets 10 in math in a high school. Up to this point everything looks normal, however news went viral among school pupils. The reason is that in relation that pupil, he had always had very bad grades and he was considered useless in math, but to the surprise of us all, he got maximum grade. Moreover, rumors reported to that morning he had smoked three joints just before the quiz.

Rumor became more plausible when he started to make his own comments about it. He admitted to using drugs before the exam, which had given some kind of clairvoyance. He explained that where he didn’t understand anything, now he understood everything clearly. That’s why he was able to do all these exercises perfectly and get maximum grade that he never could get, because not even approached it.

Nobody knows if there is actually a cause and effect relationship between joints and his test score. But, in case, many pupils have tried to imitate the experiment, which has put all faculty on alert about the increase in smiling faces during the quiz.

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