Woman hits his son-in-law head with a Tupperware container because he says her mother’s lentils are the best

A young man from Idaho was hospitalized yesterday afternoon after taking a blow with a Tupperware container full of lentils, causing a fissure of 7 centimeters in his head. His situation isn’t as dire, but it has been reserved ‘cause of the injury and also for his losing consciousness for a few seconds.

The assault occurred in his in-law’s house, when he took a Tupper with lentils to eat with his wife (aggressors’ daughter). It appears that an inappropriate comment of him about lentils was what triggered the mother in law’s anger that without saying a word hit him on the head with the Tupperware container, causing a fissure and knocking him out.

The wife of the man was who called the ambulance, which quickly arrived to that place. The mother-in-law didn’t feel any kind of regret and she said: “He brought this on himself. The next time he wants to eat lentils, his mother can do it”. The young man, for its part, has no plans to lodge a complaint, but he is thinking not to go back to eat at home of his in-laws in life.

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