Old woman spent 6 years taking care of a lynx, thinking that it was another of her cats

A old woman from Montana has been in the news in recent days after take care a Iberian lynx for six years thinking it was another of her many cats.

She found the little cat during a field trip close to the Flathead National Forest Park 6 years now. “I saw the little kitten sad and alone and I just took it to take care at home with its new little brothers. It is true that over time, it grew and also I noticed it a little different, but there are so many breeds, so…” old woman said.

Last week a veterinarian neighbor saw the cat and she got a big surprise, “She introduce me to his little children, as she calls them, but when I saw the exotic Vesper I realized that it was an Iberian lynx. Immediately I got in touch with an Animal shelter, who returned it to its natural habitat”. Old woman, of course, can visit it as much as she wants and she was awarded for her love and care.

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