Man arrested for attaching 137 balloons to a chair with his mother in law in it, so she would fly away

The event happened yesterday afternoon in Oklahoma City. 911 got some calls reporting that they were listening a old woman scream for help from a terrace of one apartment, and they wer not sure what was going on.

Two police officers arrived as soon as possible, they confirmed the information and suddenly they heard voices coming from the top of the building. When they came upstairs, they found a movie scene. An old woman sitting up in a wheelchair and a man (her son-in-law) tying up a lot of balloons filled with helium. “Thanks God you’re here, get this man away from me and unties the balloons, this son of a bitch has taken me out to sunbathe, but all he wanted me begone with this balloons away; it so scary” old woman said.

Police managed to rescue the old lady, without being able to avoid the chair fly away. They proceeded to arrest him immediately and brought him to the court. Today, it is uncertain the whereabouts of wheelchair.

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