Police officers raid a strip club and find 7 comrades inside

The curious event took place in Illinois, a police squad raided on a brothel, which allegedly broke different laws. And to their surprise they found in that place 7 colleagues.

The operation has been in the work for months, “there were indications that the brothel broke different laws, both labor and legislative, so we decide set up to raid and catch ‘em red-handed. But what we didn’t expect was find some colleagues there”. And to add insult to injury, they were being recorded by a TV Channel to make a special reportage about that.

The police officers found on the premises didn’t believe their eyes and after few minutes they decide make an official statement on this matter, “It is true that we have come without a uniform and that each one were in a different place but that’s part of an ongoing operation to gather information and help with operation. And so what happened was that they got ahead us and they catch us in the middle of work”. Just have to check if the explanations are satisfactory, especially to the family of these men, but luckily the operation could finish successfully even after this odd encounter.

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