Tries to switch his newborn child for another one because thinks that his baby is ugly

A man from Georgia has been arrested, when he was replacing his newborn child for another. The event occurred at 7 p.m in Northside Hospital Atlanta.

The nurses at the hospital called the Police, when they found a 30-year-old man, who was switching a baby for another. Police officers quickly arrested him and they established that the newborn baby that he left was his. “It was not that I didn’t love him, it’s just that I’ve waited so long with such high hopes and when the baby comes and I see a ugly baby, it just was a big shock for me”, the arrested man said. Police, despite understand the situation, were forced to arrest him, “Ok…that baby is really ugly, he might change over time but he had no right to do that” a policeman said.

Man was handed over to the judicial authorities, but he was released without charge, when a judge saw the evidence. “It was entirely understandable that he tried to change the children, his eyes are swollen like two golf balls. I’d never seen a furry child, how he can have so much hair?” judge said after set father free because according to him “He has been through so much already and he doesn’t deserve to suffer like this”.

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