Third case of pregnancy caused by a jellyfish on the spanish coasts

A rare jellyfish has been spotted on different beaches of the Spanish coast. At the same time, three cases of pregnancy happened in beaches of Huelva, Alicante and Malaga (Spain), so it’s possible that this invasive species has been introduced in all Spanish coasts and not only in the Mediterranean as originally was thinked.

Marine biologists, after several weeks of investigation, have determined that this animal is a «holothuroid peniáceo», commonly known as sea dildos. They are a class of the Echinoderms (family of seahorses) that are usually found on the seabed of Mexico and Australia, so they can not explain why they may be on the surface of spanish coasts.

In three cases of pregnancy, the victims were naked on the beach and the jellyfish attacked from behind. Government recommend bathing with the swimsuit, including men «if you don’t want to be penetrated».

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