He wins the lottery and renounces the price so he doesn’t have to share it with his wife

Pedro Mijares, from Albacete (Spain), is, since yesterday, a million euros richer, or rather, it was. It seems incredible but he really has rejected the prize of the National Lottery. After knowing that he had won the lottery and tell it to his wife, Pedro knows that he had to make decision:

“I refuse to share it with my wife. And because I don’t want to fight with her, I give up the prize. It’s the best decision for everyone. Money only gives problems. I’d like to know what she would do in my situation», he said indignantly.

The National Lottery organization has declared that it will study the case in the next few days, because it is the first time a winner renounces his prize. So, we must wait for the decision in the next hours, to know what happen in this incredible story.

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