He implants a straw into his nose so he can do cocaine without needing a bill

A young man from Valladolid, Spain, has called the attention of all worldwide media, after he uploading the photos of the result of his surgery. He has implanted in his nose a small cane to be able to sniff cocaine at any time, without the need for a bill.

The young man has said that: «Using a bill is incongruous, especially in young people. When we buy cocaine we run out of money. It makes no sense to have to get another bill to consume it. After talking long and hard about the issue with his friends, they had a shocking idea, «I think they said it as a joke, but it seemed very comfortable and I will do it as soon as I could.»

He decided to implant himself the little cane inside a nostril so that he could use it at any time. “I realized that I couldn’t go down the street like this, so I adapted it to be retractable, and now I can save it and take it out when I need it, I’m a genius.”

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