first vagina scented air freshener launched onto market

OlorPur , a spanish company, has heard the requests of its customers in recent years and has finally released the first car freshener with a vagina smell. Its price will be around 10 euros. and will guarantee an intense vagina smell for at least 2 weeks.

«Our target is basically single truck drivers and tourism drivers, but we want to reach every kind of public. We invite everybody to try,» said a company commentator. «Nobody should worry about it, it is a smell of clean, freshly showered vagina, we are not crazy», he defended himself against some accusations that treated them as perverts and crazy people.

“I like my friends to get in my car and think…. Somebody has fucked here. That’s why I always use this air freshener, it’s very cool and I’m going to buy several boxes”, said one of the grateful customers with this new proposal from the company, which is having a good start in stores.

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