Caesarean birth due to 5 years without shaving or waxing

It happend at the maternity area of ​​a hospital in the south of Spain. At this hospital, a woman who had not been shaving for more than 5 years, needed a caesarean section for this reason.

Apparently, the baby cames a couple of days earlier than expected, which surprised the woman who had a thick pubic hair. At first, childbirth was going to be naturally, but in this scenario, doctors choosed to perform a C-section, «because of the danger the hair could do to the baby».

«The woman was already in labor, and it was faster to perform a C-section than to have her shaved,» the doctor who attended the birth told us. “There were two problems, mainly. the first, it was difficult for us to distinguish the child’s head between so much hair. In addition, there was a risk that it could get entangled in the mother’s pubic hair”, he continued talking.

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