Colonoscopy cancelled because of the patient’s pleasure moanings

The digestive system team of an spanish hospital was forced to suspend the colonoscopy that they were performing on a 40 years man,  due to the screams of pleasure from him. The screams could be perfectly heard from the waiting room at the other side.

«At the beginning we thought it was a porn video from the laptob of the doctor, but then we realized that the screams were coming out of the Colonoscopy Room», said one of the nurses of the service. In addition to the screaming, the doctor who was trying to proceed with the examination had to listen the patient asking him for “kisses on the neck and back,” so the examination was immediately suspended.

«We had no choice, we had to interrupt the process, and send the patient home,» said the doctor. «We already explained him and his wife, that he would probably have to repeat the exam, but sedated. I’m sorry but I will not go through that shame again»

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