Courgette taken out of man’s butt and he alleges he «didn’t chew his food properly»

A neighbor from Albacete, Spain, entered last night in the Emergency Department of the Virgen del Valle de Albacete Hospital, suffering from constipation and severe pain in the anal area. After a brief exploration, the patient was treated and a courgette of just over 11 cm in diameter and 400 grams in weight, was extracted from his rectum, which was the cause of such a painful situation.

Once awakened from anesthesia, and asked about the origin of the vegetable, the man kept saying that he had no idea how it got there, claiming that it was, perhaps, because he doesn’t usually chew the food too much.

“It has to be that, because I don’t use even suppositories, and my doctor already knows the fear they cause on me,” he kept repeating over and over again. The medical team that treated him explained that «it is impossible this happen by not chewing the food, and if this were true, it would still be to explain how the courgette was inside a condom.»

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