Expelled from a nude beach due to the size of his penis

A Senegalese naturist, has denounced to the competent authorities that he was expelled from a nudist beach because, as they told him, «have an excessively large male member».

The events happened last weekend on a beach on the Andalusian coast (Spain). Our protagonist was lying on the towel enjoying the good weather, when he was approached by a local police patrol that asked: «please, cover yourself and leave the beach». Apparently, there was more than one swimmer who had complained about the size of his penis.

«We were here quiet, enjoying the day, when that man with his huge penis arrived, monopolizing the attention of everybody, and breaking the harmony of the place,» says one of the naturists who called the police. «One thing is to come without complexes here, and another very different, to come to complex with others. Go to a beach where you can cover, «he adds.

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