Ikea confesses that their meatballs are made out of people that didn’t find the exit

Ikea has not been able to hide more time and has recognized that the origin of the meatballs that he sells in his restaurant, knowing that they were going to be discovered at any moment.

«Yes, we recognize that the meatballs so delicious that you can taste in our establishments are made with the meat of the people who got lost in our corridors and never found the way out». The multinational wants to flee from unnecessary controversies clarifying that «we have not killed anyone, we would be incapable of harming our dear clients. They were lost because they did not follow the instructions and ended up dying from hunger, thirst or despair. «

IKEA also defends itself claiming that everything is done for the benefit of the clients themselves. «That meat was going to be wasted and it would be a shame, so we are giving it an outlet at an unbeatable price, in the end it has an impact on the benefit of the customers, those who remain alive, yes.»

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