She has been working at The Manhattan Mall for ten years without anyone hiring her

One day Isabella, a resident of New York, was feeling bored while she was strolling through a shopping mall and she decided to take a perfume and offer it people to walked around her, just like that. It seems that she liked the feeling, because the next day she came back. She was dressed in a similar uniform of the others workers and she continued to do this work.

Nobody was surprised at her presence and the head of the Department thought that she belonged a new staff and she had been waiting for receive induction. Considering that he was not responsible for paying her, he never suspected, neither she never complained about not charging and then years passed and she attracted the hearts of her colleagues and clients. Until a few days ago her boss retired and his replacement discovered the deception when he tried to search her employee file.

Now, their partners asked to the company to do justice about her hire, payment and all her professionalism during all these years. She explained that “I never did it for money; it’s that I really love this, but if I’m hired, I will not say no”.

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