Young men rent a yacht and it sinks by excess of prostitutes

It happened last weekend in Miami city when a group of friends rented an unmanned yacht in the port to celebrate the bachelor party of one of them. Although, they have been established a warning which the maximum weight allowed was nine people on the boat. The young men ignored the warning and they “invited” to the yacht a dozen prostitutes.

Celebrations began on the high seas, music, alcohol, drugs and sex postponed due to the unexpected sinking of the yacht, all people have to jumped into the water while the called to the rescuers and they explains what was happening. The owner of the boat has already been denounced by the Law of Ports, however he denouncing in turn to the irresponsible young men.

“F… man, as said Will, a bachelor party without whores is a birthday, what the h… we are going to do 8 men on a boat? To watch the dolphins or get fuck us? Well, the owner of the yacht knew too well that we were going to invite some whores” explain one of the men.

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