Donald Trump has approved the construction of a Death Star

Donald Trump has just approved the plans submitted by NASA technicians, at his request, for immediate construction of the first US Death Star, which will be launched if the plans are completed by the end of 2018.

It is not the main reason, but this special station definitively will solve the growing problem of rising unemployment because it will create more than 5,000,000 internal jobs. It will be required for this mini-planet hundreds of thousands workers to each area and specialties.

The Death Star will orbit around the earth indefinitely, waiting to receive a command from the White House to put an end with any country to pretend who breaks the international rules. There will no longer to plan foreign invasions, ground, air, and sea, with the human and economic cost that this implies, or ask permission to the neighboring countries to access complex areas, nor request anything from the UN. It will be enough adjust the satellite and press the button.

Due to its threatening power neither it requires to use the potential of this new weapon, because it will be enough place it in a threatening way in full view of any country that want to disobey, so its leaders falling into panic and desist from any action and pretensions, establishing a new world order based on: peace and harmony.

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