Doctors removed a sunflower from his butthole after eating too many seeds

Yesterday afternoon a young was taken into hospital to make an emergency operation to removed a sunflower which had already germinated into his small intestine and it had started emerge from his anus.

It would seem that the man is addicted to sunflower seeds; he spends the day eating them, especially when he is at home studying or watching TV, “I am an addict and I admit it, but I never thought it would be possible for a sunflower to grow in my inside». I had weeks with constipation problems, but I didn’t give it much thought “until after eating, I went to the bathroom, I pushed with all my strength and a yellow petal peered out my ass”.

At first he was very surprised, but following a thorough inspection with the aid of a mirror he realized that which flowered from his anus was a sunflower, “I was very surprised, I told my parents and we went to the emergency room. Luckily the surgery was easy and doctors have been able to extract it, now i will take care of it in a pot because it is a very special sunflower».

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