Young man hospitalized for putting a flute up his butthole to sing with it

A young man from Phoenix was taken into hospital last night after an emergency with a stuck flute in his butt, he embarrassed confessed that the accident took place because he tried to play it with a flatulence.

The members of hospital who witnessed the scene stated that “just he in through the door and walked so strange, it seemed that he was horseback but without horse. He seemed very shy but later we understood the reason for his aspect”. The boy had inserted into his anus close to three quarters of a flute, “it is used in high school and it was so stuck as could not pull it out for him, so he comes to the emergency department”.

The boy who was a little in awe of what has happened, said: I was bored at home, my girlfriend planted me at the last minute, I do not know how so I thought try to play my old flute with flatulence, but everything turned very hard when I tried record to send it to some friends, I slipped and falling on, well, you can imagine the rest, it was as painful as it is right now to me to tell it.»

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