A helium tank explosion causes the whole city’s talking with a high-pitched voice

Kansas City has been suffering some curious consequences since last August 3, when a big supply of helium exploded Just outside the city.

The gas leak has made citizens, a total of 1532, now speak with a “high-pitched voice”. After doctors analyzed the situation, they explain that it hasn’t profound health consequences for the people who live there and only be a matter of time till the situation is back under control. “To inhale the helium causes the vocal cords tighten and the voice goes higher” doctor explained.

All this has meant that city became famous receiving visitor from different places around the country, to hear speak those who are already known as Smurfs. “We’re getting a lot of visits and it is a clear benefit for us. We are even considering leave everything the way it is, in order to continue receiving these visits” the Mayor explained.

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