A bus with 19 priests breaks down near to a brothel where they are housed until the next day

Earlier this week, it has been taking place some training sessions for priests in Utah. The central theme was «Immigration», between participants included representatives from Diocesan bishops and Major Archbishops worldwide.

At the end of the event, 19 priest from Spain and Colombia started their journey home in the early morning of last Thursday, when midway through, the bus broke down and priests had to leave the road and they all came to a nightclub. It seems that Madame had realized the priests’ presence wandering around, so she gave them housed and closed the nightclub.

“Oh God, it was like a movie, they invited us to dinner, we were chatting with the girls and then we went to bed. I don’t know about priests but I looked very handsome” driver said without explain more details of how they did with room-sharing.

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