Goes 15 laps around a roundabout in her driving test because she couldn’t find the flashing lights

Last week a funny incident took place during a driving test in Los Angeles California. One of the apprentices had a nervous breakdown and goes 15 laps around a roundabout because she couldn’t find the flashing lights to signal her intersection.

Apparently it was her first driving exam “I was really nervous, after many practical exams I thought I was ready to pass the examination, but nerves were killing me. I wasn’t capable of find the flashing lights and before commit a mistake I preferred to stay inside the roundabout”. Finally, the professor had to take charge of the vehicle and put an end to the matter.

“I didn’t understand anything, it was a big roundabout and she couldn’t stop to driving in circles. After five minutes, I looked through the mirror and I saw that the examiner was pale, going to be sick, so I decided to took the wheel, stop us and suspended her”, says the professor. She apologized clarifying that she was blocked and she couldn’t find the flashing lights, she explained “For the next time I will take a Post-it to put it in front and that will not happen again”.

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