New pregnancy test reveals who is the father of your baby

Most women have ever used a home pregnancy test (of any brand) in their life.

But nobody expected the emergence of new version of pregnancy test available on the market, developed with state of the art technology DUO-Parental. It is a more sensible system to detects female and male hormones, which made it possible to ascertain if you’re pregnant and if your husband if the husband is the real father. It uses as a traditional test, in direct contact with the urine about three o four minutes and if two lines appear, it means you’re pregnant. Now, if the supposed father urinates and these lines are erased, it is clear that he’s not the father.

It seems that the advancement of technology in this specific sector does not convince to female users, “don’t fuck with me, if my husband urinates and lines disappears, just I’m dying. I don’t mind that, they can just to fuck off”.

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