She was thinking for six months that she’s pregnant but turned out it was gas

This amazing news took place in Texas, a woman has been thinking for six months about she’s pregnant and however turned out it was just a gas.

It has been demonstrated that this woman had an odd disease, whit which she was accumulating gases over the weeks. When she started to see herself fatter, she was going to doctors, who told her that she’d probably be pregnant, “it is impossible, we’ve always looked after each other and I have my menstruation, too”. Doctors did her an ultrasound and effectively it could be heard the baby’s heartbeat.

Six months after confirm her pregnancy, she has dawned without a trace of her belly, “I went scared to the hospital, then they discovered the truth, it had in fact only been gases and what appeared to heartbeat it was actually internal flatulences”. Woman filed a complaints against these health professionals for failing to detect the problem from the beginning, “Now we’ll have to try again, we can’t just leave it like this”.

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