Priest forces bride to put on a coat to hide a large tattoo on her back

This particular event takes place at a wedding last week, where priest forced bride to put on a coat to hide a large tattoo on her back.

Everything happened when bride came, priest saw her and “I thought it might be disrespectful, she showed up with an open back dress and everybody could see clearly a grotesque and anti-Catholic tattoo, obviously I would not allow that it will continue, it is a sacred place for goodness sake”. Bride and groom were stunned and couldn’t believe their eyes, but they left them no other choice that to accept and go through with the wedding.

“We’re very disappointed; the most special day of my life was overshadowed because of me. I’m going to be the only bride in the world with a jacket, It’s not fair”, bride said, who promised to do something about it even go to the Pope if needed.

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