Man hospitalized after insert an eel into his butt to know how it feels

A 54-year-old man from Colorado had to be admitted yesterday afternoon at the main hospital after insert an eel in his ass while he was showering.

It was a neighbor who gave the alert to 911, after she just suddenly heard screams of pain; he assumed that it would come from his neighbors’ house: “I was giving my daughters a bath and we just started to listen the screams. One of my girls started to cry. I went out into the garden and there he was, naked, soaked and with the eel in his hand writhing in pain.

Benji, as he known in his neighborhood, is famous for being a great fishing fan, but also for his sexual tastes, he confessed it to the doctors: “I wanted to see what it felt like but it got out of hand, to my ass”. Benji is under medical supervision, it is estimated that he received close to 15 electric shocks that it caused a serious anal fissure.

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