Bald men will be able to turn the sun into energy

A startup from Spain, with the collaboration of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has just announced the launch of a curious technology whereby bald men can obtain energy through solar rays.

The system is already in the development phase, and has been tested on 42 people having given results above expectations. Apparently, the bald of the users would act as a solar panel capturing the radiation, which after converting it into energy would be stored in cumulative batteries of 4,000 milliamps that the user could carry in his pocket. Later, this energy could be used to, for example, charge the phone, start the car, or even for domestic use at home.

To be able to use this technology, the bald me will have to implant a small chip in the head, with a simple operation that will transform the solar rays into energy. The startup has announced that this system could be ready for sale from summer of 2019.

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