A nurse is fired after performing oral sex to sperm donors

A nurse’s aide got fired in a clinic from Kansas after they noticed that she was doing her work on an irregular manner, specifically she helped to donors in their process by performing them oral sex.

Apparently she’s been practicing everyday this extra function for several months. When they have been informed about it, they have been forced to take some hard decisions, “We cannot allow such a thing in our clinic, we were surprised by the enormous increase in donors in recent weeks, we now understand but we have a reputation, we cannot offer the same as a dive bar”.

The young lady distraught has sought to justify her actions “Look, it’s no pleasure for me, a man just asked me for help, because he was very nervous, one thing led to another and I’ve ended up doing it and the result was very good, so I continued to practicing it for the good of the clinic”. Finally, after hearing her explanation, the director of the clinic giving her another chance, “as long as she keeps her mouth shut during working hours”.

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