After 6 years of marriage, she discovers that her husband is a woman

Alice Thomson, a 29-year-old girl from Los Angeles, married her husband in 2011 after 3 years of courtship. Nowadays, after 6 intense years of marriage, Alice has applied marriage annulment when she discovered that her husband really was a woman and she was misled all this time.

They met at a church group, both had been members of Evangelical Church, therefore she didn’t care that her husband wouldn’t want to do anything before marriage. But already on the wedding night she began to doubt. “I had been waiting for to wedding night, then he didn’t want to do anything, he said he had a headache, I thought it was weird because those are rather women things”. After 6 years of a sexless marriage, Alice became suspicious. “I realized that he had a better performance in the foreplay but he didn’t finish. Foreplay is good, but I need something more. When I told him it, he answered that it was better that way so he liked to go slowly”.

After her persistence, finally her husband collapsed and he admitted that he really was a woman. “After I knew the truth, I realized many details, he never let me in when he was showering and I imagined that he felt shame. He used to urinate sitting and he told me it was for won’t spill a drop”.

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