Arrested for having a weed plantation in his garden that turned out to be tomatoes

The police, yesterday, busted a local man from Minnesota, because he had an illegal plantation in the garage of his house.

The police was actively monitoring him for a long time, because everything pointed to he had an illegal marijuana plantation. It started when the electric light company alerted them that it had been identified a high consumption of electricity. So the police commenced its investigation about that. They realized that detainee has been stealing streetlight so they requested a warrant to search his house and hold him. Once approved the effect of a court order, they placed him under arrest. It was a surprise to search the house and find out that it was a illegal cultivation of tomatoes rather than marijuana as they expected. But in his defense he claimed that tomatoes are very expensive, so he was force to grow it indoors. He had bought a secondhand growth kit in Walmart which enabling it to have at home up to 238 plants.

Finally man was a fined $1500 for stealing electricity. But regardless, he did not obtain any charges against him due to actually EE.UU does not prohibit fruits or vegetables crops indoors.

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