A night club in NY city offers free sex if it’s your birthday

A night club in New York city has launched an aggressive campaign marketing which ensure will give “services” to all those customers who certificates it is their birthday.

To carry it out, customers must to go with their identity document where it read clearly their birth date. “If it’s your birthday you can celebrated with our ladies’ company!!”, note reads. Also if you certify that you turn 18 and therefore it is your first visit to the nightclub, they will let you repeat any time you want during the day. Though, the company clarifies that only will give “escort service”, but drinks consumption or condoms it be charged to them.

Some local neighborhoods associations have wanted file a complaint because they understand that this measure falls short, “They could also make us a discount to those who celebrate their saint, a single day is too little”, Joseph argued, president of the neighborhood association.

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