A bride is arrested on her wedding day for giving as a detail bags with half a gram of cocaine

The event took place last Saturday in a well-know event hall just outside Kansas City, after have a civil wedding, they began the feast and the bride began to walk through guest tables giving away a tissue paper bags with ribbons in different colors.

In response that little gift detail, guests began to open it bag and they found another small a transparent bag with half a gram of cocaine. Although guests were all trusted friends and family it was too shocking that the bride had given that inappropriate detail.

«Oh come on mother*******, let’s remember the ’70s, Work work work work work work, He said me haffi work work work work work work..” The DJ stopped the party music when he saw enter ten police officers. The police confiscated all gifts and they detained the euphoric girlfriend who tried to assault the police agents and accusing the waiters as snitches.

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