Durex puts filling in condoms for people who have small penises out in market

Penis size has always been a concern that has affected men, being compared in length and thickness even since adolescence.

Finally, Durex has found the solution for men with little penis, and they will sell condoms with filling. «Of course, there is no doubt, they will have a small location for semen and they are very comfortable, there are different sizes, with length and thickness to suit the client, or rather his partner,» commented one of the people in charge of the department of marketing. Just as there are underwear in the female world with pads or padding to mold the figure of breasts or buttocks, the padding will be now for the penis.

«Yes, the filling is for the tail, but in fact, the one who will enjoy this condom is again the woman. First, the satisfyer, and now the filled condom» said an angry man who was asked about it.

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