Friends celebrate a birthday in a strip club, and they meet the mother of one of them

Another incident occurred last Saturday in the tourist town of New Jersey; a group of friends was celebrating the 25th birthday of one of them. After visiting several bars and drinking beers, they improvised him a daring gift.

They went by taxi to one of the brothels located just outside the city. Friends at the last-minute were agreed to give him a defloration in style. When they entered into the brothel, they bought some beers and that’s when everything began. Although they had agreed that it’d only be to the birthday boy, the mix of women and booze breakup the agreement, so all went up to the room.

Laughter and hubbub were immediately ceased when they stumbled across in the corridor the mother of one of them. The lady immediately defended herself from boys saying, “Don’t worry son I’m just here as a cleaner. They fuck and I clean. The party broke up and to this day, the young is still virgin.

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